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Changing turn signal colors could reduce car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

Turn signals provide an alert to others about a driver’s intended actions. Other drivers, along with bicyclists, pedestrians and more, might avoid accidents upon seeing a turn signal. Turning the signal on, however, doesn’t mean that others will clearly see it. Studies show that the color of a turn signal may reduce accidents in Massachusetts and across the United States.

Red remains a traditional color employed for front and rear turn signals. Based on research, however, orange and amber might be better choices. Orange and amber turn signals contribute to fewer accidents on the road.

The study providing this information is a credible one. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiled a study in 2008 revealing that vehicles with amber signals are less likely to suffer a hit from behind than ones with red signals. To be specific, the amber-lighted vehicles in the study were 22% less likely to get read-ended. Subsequent studies looked at vehicles that shared many similarities with the amber vs. red lights being the main difference. The amber lights did better once again.

As for orange, the color wasn’t as effective as amber, but it was more effective than red. A switch from red turn signal lights to orange ones led to a 5.3% decrease in rear-end collisions.

Drivers who discover these reports may wish to make a change. The costs associated with changing from red to amber or orange are minimal, and routine maintenance is not complicated.

Car manufacturers, however, may save additional money by going with red lights. The cost savings may keep the number of orange and amber turn signals from being prevalent on roads.

Drivers could boost their safety by switching their turn signal colors, but the unsafe behavior of other drivers could still lead to an accident. Anyone who suffers property damage or personal injury due to a negligent driver might be able to pursue compensation.