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Negligent drivers are often distracted

Driving is a necessity for many Massachusetts residents. Unfortunately, driving on local roads can mean sharing space with negligent and irresponsible motor vehicle operators. Many drivers who make dangerous choices while behind the wheels of their cars are...

3 tips for avoiding teenage car crashes

There is nothing more exciting than your first trip inside your vehicle on your own. You took the time to learn to drive, and the freedom that grants you is amazing. Unfortunately, there are still many things that go wrong on the roads. Other drivers may behave...

Is Voice-to-Text Really Safer?

Car manufacturers and tech companies are struggling to stay ahead of the distracted driving curve. As they try to minimize distractions offered by technical advances in both cabin electronics and smart phones, one has to stop and wonder if all of these safety...

Tips for safe winter travel

The next unpredictable Massachusetts winter is right around the corner. Drivers throughout the region are already thinking about how to get around safely in dangerous road conditions. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation offers numerous tips to help drivers...