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A Skilled Resource For Your Workers’ Compensation Case

If you were injured on the job, you might find it difficult to continue working with your injury or receive the monetary benefits you are owed. At Birenbaum & Goldberg, we have extensive experience guiding clients through the process of filing a claim or appealing a denial. Look to our lawyers for guidance and dedicated representation.

Workers’ compensation cases can quickly become complex depending on the nature of the accident and the extent of the resultant injuries. An experienced work injury attorney can thoroughly investigate your case and develop an effective strategy tailored to your unique concerns.

What Are Workers’ Compensation Cases?

Workers’ compensation cases typically center on one of three different types of injuries:

  • Single accident injuries: A worker can be injured in one single instance. Falling down a set of stairs, being struck by a falling tool or suffering a shock while working on heavy machinery can all be examples of accidents that can lead to injuries.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Many workers perform the same task time and time again for weeks, months or even years. These repetitive motions can put undue stress on muscles, tendons and joints. An example of a repetitive stress injury is carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Toxic exposure: Many workplaces use chemicals either in the work process or during cleanup. Without the proper gear or if the proper handling techniques are not used, exposure to these chemicals can cause eye irritation, skin rashes or respiratory difficulties.

No matter the severity or type of injury, it is wise to report the accident and then contact an attorney. We can ensure that your paperwork is properly filled out and your company’s insurance carrier acts in your best interest, rather than your employer’s.

Representing Clients In A Broad Array Of Workers’ Compensation Cases

Injured in a workplace accident? Do not hesitate to speak with a skilled attorney. Schedule a free initial consultation at the Malden, Massachusetts, office of Birenbaum & Goldberg. We can be reached by phone or through email.

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