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Tips for safe winter travel

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2015 | Auto Accidents |

The next unpredictable Massachusetts winter is right around the corner. Drivers throughout the region are already thinking about how to get around safely in dangerous road conditions. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation offers numerous tips to help drivers remain safe no matter the severe conditions we will all soon face.

Even before all of the leaves have fallen from the trees, it is wise to inspect your car. Proper preparations in the present can be keys to avoiding trouble in the future. Whether you check your car yourself or take it in for service, make sure to ensure everything is in proper working order. Check all fluid levels, tire treads, tire pressure, wiper blades, the defroster and the battery for starters.

When the bad weather hits, MASSDOT recommends:

  • Clear all windows and lights of frost and snow before driving.
  • Drive with your headlights on.
  • Stock your car with basic winter driving equipment including a scraper, small shovel, jumper cables and a bag of sand or cat litter.
  • Stock an “accident box” to include road flares, a blanket, heavy boots, warm clothing and a flashlight with batteries.

There is one additional point to remember about flashlights – reverse the batteries. To avoid accidental switching, burnout or the oxidation of contacts, you can reverse the direction of your batteries. When you need to use the flashlight, simply turn the batteries the correct direction and switch the device on.

If you were in a vehicle accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can discuss your legal options.