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Help For Injured Bicyclists And Pedestrians

When motor vehicles collide, the cars and trucks offer a level of physical protection to the drivers and passengers. Features such as seat belts, air bags and the reinforced metal cage itself can shield individuals from the impact. When a pedestrian or bicyclist is struck, however, there is zero protection from the full force of the vehicle impact.

At Birenbaum & Goldberg, we focus our entire firm on guiding injured clients through the legal process. Whether you were injured in Malden, or any community throughout Massachusetts, it is crucial that you seek legal help. A lawyer can examine your case and work with your chosen medical professional to determine a strong, effective case strategy.

  • Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrians are at risk for injury in numerous situations such as jogging along the road, crossing an intersection at a crosswalk, or being on the sidewalk while cars exit a parking lot or parking garage.
  • Bicycle accidents: In many communities, bicyclists are encouraged to share the road with motor vehicles. Unfortunately, not all drivers pay special attention to cyclists. Whether it is a driver turning right on red without clearing an intersection, using a bike lane as a turn lane or simply drifting into the bike lane and ultimately hitting a bicyclist, the results can be devastating.

No matter the severity of your injury or the prognosis for your recovery, it is important to seek legal guidance. A lawyer at our office will fight on your behalf through all stages of the legal process. Contact us to learn more about your legal options following a vehicle accident.

Discuss Your Matter With A Skilled Attorney

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can be complex depending on numerous factors. Do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation at the office of Birenbaum & Goldberg. Discuss your case with us by calling the firm or sending an email. If you cannot travel to our office, we are willing to visit an alternative location such as your home or hospital.

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